About Us

We are a technology focused company. We implement solutions for customers the right way at the right time through an agile mindset. Trust, dedication, passion, critical mindset and transparency are the pillars to execute the work we do for customers. Our work is focused on pro-actively providing added value to customers and solving the actual problem in a phased agile manner.

We have the required knowledge, use the correct tools at the right time and we deliver on time as agreed. For visibility purposes, we deliver as fast as possible incl. any low hanging fruit taking users and the technical environment they work in into account. Security is not added afterwards, it is always part of the solution right from the beginning. For your own organization, we believe, that your colleagues should be able to do the work on their own. Therefore, knowledge sharing and coaching are always part of the assignment.

Other core thoughts of our way of working are:

  • Open and honest communication;
  • Giving and receiving feedback;
  • Agile/scrum working method for fast and visible delivery of (solution) components;
  • Working pragmatically/reporting where possible, detail where necessary;
  • Change is the only constant, adequate response to foreseen and unforeseen changes is the only solution;
  • Automate (frequent) repetitive tasks/actions as much as possible;
  • Cloud based tools and technology are preferred over on-premises tools and technology, unless really not possible/available.

Free free to contact us, without any obligations, to have a chat about any challenges you may have and see how we can be of any help.

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